Meet Me

My approach to travel is one that focuses on immersing myself into a culture for an extended period of time. I prefer to sit and stay awhile, discovering all that the region has to offer, from its cuisine to outdoor spaces to festivals. I find its markets, listen to its music, and walk its parks. I am a wanderer of city streets, focusing on feeling its vibe and slowly finding my way. My curious nature begs me to understand why a place has the culture it so very much celebrates. But as much as I love to stroll city streets, I equally desire the solace that nature provides. Hiking gives me clarity in mind, and stunning scenery reminds me that the world is vast. The daily minutia of our busy lives becomes minuscule. I find that thought comforting and calming.

My husband works with Broadway national tours and I tend to travel with him. We sit in cities for several weeks at a time, allowing us to take in a region more slowly and authentically. Home is Denver, a traveler’s playground in itself, and occasionally my wandering leads me back to play there as well, especially when he is in between tours. This nomadic lifestyle is unique, and sometimes I discuss the interesting moments or challenges that come with traveling for work, as well as working in the arts, and how these aspects of our daily lives intermingle with exploration and discovery.

As we say in the theatre, all we have to do is focus on telling the story. A goal of this blog is to do just that: to tell the story of our adventures. The human experience is one that entangles with nature, with family, with work. We find our way through relationships, learn from mistakes, and draw our own individual maps to personal happiness. Ultimately, I am an observer of beautiful human connections and an explorer of the Earth, hopefully simultaneously blending the two.

So as my hubby travels for work, I will crisscross my way across the country with him, deciphering our nation’s cities, national parks, musical influences, culinary specialties, and talk to as many locals along the way as I can. Oh, and Maggie Dog comes along, too, occasionally adding her own opinions on dog travel. (Trust me, she is full of opinions.)

Follow the adventures and inherent nomadic ways through this blog, as well as on Instagram @brookethewanderer and on Twitter @brkthewanderer. Maggie Dog’s cuteness tends to garner a ridiculous amount of compliments. (I am painfully aware that it is not my photography, but rather her thick eyeliner and the perfect curl of her tail.) I tend to use the #maggiedogadventures on Instagram. Also, check out the blog category labeled Story Time, as it explains in more detail how I came to have this beautifully strange and unique life.

Cheers friends, and a joyful wandering to you all.

*All photography is taken by myself, my hubby, or our friends.
**Profile pic photo credit: Tiffanie Byron, Krog Street Tunnel, Atlanta (in a rideshare, of all moments)