Name Change & the Mountain Air of Colorado

The tour is over, we are home in Colorado, and I am rethinking the name of my travel blog. While I love the sound of “Nomadic Brooke,” our lives are only nomadic while we on tour with a show. Also, lots of people in the travel industry use the term “nomadic.” It’s catchy, but it’s not unique.

The reality is, I am not nomadic. We have a home, a lovely one at that. There is a garden that I tend to, even in the winter. We know our neighbor’s names and we say hello to our mail person daily. The back deck, grill, and hot tub are well-loved. We value our wine cellar, and walk Maggie Dog in the local park. We host friends looking for weekend getaways and attend birthday parties. We thrive on being just minutes away from a mountain adventure or a day hike. The Colorado mountain air cleanses my thoughts and makes them more linear. I climb to new heights, just as I did yesterday on a hike, and marvel at the beauty surrounding us.

I rest. I relax. I breathe.
I contemplate and rejuvenate.
I open my eyes.
I’m home.

I have moved so many times in my adult life that I still revel in the idea that a place exists where my roots can settle in a bit. We are minimalists, and prefer that our home contain that essence, but it is still our anchor. It is our center. We are, however, mobile, meaning we can pick up and go whenever we want, and we like that aspect of our lives. Our career choices allow for spontaneity, exploration, and leisure. We wander, dream, and look for the next challenge or adventure, but then we want to come home. We open a bottle of wine, cook some dinner, and discuss the day. We then dream and travel again. This pattern informs our lives in a way that helps us fulfill our gypsy desires while still feeling grounded in a community of friends, family, and career.

With this in mind, my next post will come from a new domain name. I will begin to feature some aspects of our adventures in Colorado with fellow artists, friends, and explorers. I also plan to finally upload some blogs on past adventures that seemed to get lost in transition from writing them to posting them. I wrote a blog in almost every city we were in, yet I couldn’t quite make it to hitting the post button. I think that I was swimming in my mind a little, focused on the travel and the work with the tour, and was not able to focus on finalizing the story, maybe because I was in the middle of living it. I was “processing,” as a friend of mine likes to say. It’s not a bad thing; it just sometimes makes for a silent artist.

Talk soon, friends, and thanks for sticking with me in this journey. Future travels and learning expeditions await.

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